I’m participating in my own Project 333, and Spring is on its’ way!  I’ve simplified my wardrobe even further this go round, and have eliminated and donated everything I’m not in love with.  As you can imagine, this leaves me with a simple capsule wardrobe where everything can be (and is) mixed and matched throughout the week.  I’ve got one drawer that corrals my summer workout pieces and clothing, as well as a couple of items that I tend to wear only around the house – but it’s a very small drawer!  I’m looking forward to warmer weather this spring and will be incorporating what’s left in my drawer to get me through the summer season.

  1. Bolero-style sweatshirt – grey
  2. Hoodie – grey
  3. Hoodie – grey, faux fur lined
  4. Long sleeved t-shirt – blue
  5. Long sleeved t-shirt – black
  6. Lumberjack shirt, plaid
  7. Sleeveless sweater – black
  8. Vest – grey
  9. Sleeveless (tank) dress, black
  10. Formal dress, black
  11. Blue jeans, bootcut
  12. Blue jeans, straight leg
  13. Black jeans, skinny
  14. Yoga pants, black
  15. Workout shirt, blue
  16. Lightweight jacket – army green
  17. Fall jacket – black
  18. Winter jacket – black
  19. Infinity scarf – purple
  20. Infinity scarf – grey
  21. Tights, teal
  22. Tights, yellow
  23. Tights, grey
  24. Toque and gloves
  25. Biker boots – brown
  26. Hiking boots – brown
  27. Runners
  28. Fancy boots – black
  29. Tall rain boots – black
  30. Short rainboots – black

Last updated: February 12, 2013

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  1. Thank-you for writing about this. I’ve been looking for a way to get real about my wardrobe. I am someone with a closet full of clothes and 3 or 4 things that make me feel great. I can’t stand the laundry! I’m working on paring my kids wardrobes to the absolute minimum too. I’m very inspired!

    • Aw, thanks! I’m still working on getting mine down even further – I have a great thrift store nearby, which is particularly motivating to get things out the door. 🙂 The best part about simplifying the kids wardrobe is that there is less of their clothing to be strewn around their room (and the house) – my kids like to go through 4 or 5 shirts a day (ridiculous!), so the less clothing they have to go through the better!

    • You are too sweet! If you do decide to have a clothes sale/swap, be sure to let me know. 🙂 I love your blog – it’s so inspiring for us moms with small children to see other moms doing fashion well, and being able to have fun with it and get creative without breaking the bank!

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