link love: Slow Your Home


I’ve been reading a fabulous blog this past week.  You know it’s a good blog when you spend a few days reading the entire blog back to the beginning!  The blog is titled Slow Your Home, and the author, Brooke, hails from Sydney, Australia.

Slow Your Home is a great read,with lots of inspirational posts for minimalists with children in the family.

Start with So What is a Slow Home? An Introduction – Brooke paints a very calming and appealing picture of what life in a slow home looks like.  Organized, simplified, decorated mindfully and filled with good memories.  It’s what we should all be aspiring to for the sake of our health and the welfare of the planet.

Dear Internet, Stop Making Me Feel Like Shit – The internet can be motivating and inspiring, but it can also be anxiety-inducing and exhausting.  A lot of the reading I do daily is online, and often times the lives of others can look a lot shinier through the lens of the internet.  This blog post reminds us that we all need to take a step back, and reflect on all the good people and things that are already in our own lives.  And chances are good that we want for nothing.

Green Cleaning: Lemon + Baking Soda = Sparkly McGee!  I love handy household tips, and am particularly drawn to those that are easy on the environment.  My husband recently purchased a bottle of Drano, which I promptly returned to the store.  Armed with nothing more than baking soda and vinegar, I managed to unclog the drain in our bathroom sink!  So if you have a dingy sink that needs a good cleaning, follow Brooke’s lead and break out the ol’ baking soda and slice yourself a lemon.  With a little elbow grease, you’ll have a shiny sink and the planet will thank you.

Have you stumbled upon any great new (to you) blogs lately?  What are some of your favourite reads on the subject of simplicity and simple living?


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