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project 333: fall is here!


I was one of those kids who loved back to school shopping.  I always felt the need to buy several items of clothing before school started, and loved wearing my new gear the very first days of the school year.  Never mind that Fall usually hadn’t arrived by that time, and I would find myself in my new classroom in my new clothes and sweating up a storm because the weather hadn’t cooled yet.

While I’ve been reminiscing fondly about my school years these past weeks, I’m no longer shopping without a purpose or just to have new clothes in my closet.  I’ve moved away from my old back-to-school shopping ways considerably, and I didn’t buy a single article of clothing for myself or my kids for the beginning of their school adventure this year.  While I did buy a few items for the kids at a thrift store in my hometown this summer while I was on vacation, I didn’t go overboard like I did last year.  I have just recently packed away my own summer wardrobe away for the winter, and as I do the same for the kids, I’m struck with how manageable all of our closets are becoming.   I’d like to list the kids’ clothing and having them participate in Project 333 too, but I’ll save that post for another day.

So here’s what I’ll be wearing for the next three months:

  1. Wrap sweater – grey
  2. Bolero-style sweatshirt – grey
  3. Hoodie – grey
  4. Hoodie – grey, faux fur lined
  5. Cowl neck sweatshirt – pink
  6. Cowl neck sweatshirt – blue
  7. Cowl neck sweatshirt – black
  8. Plaid shirt – red and navy
  9. Long sleeved t-shirt – blue
  10. Long sleeved t-shirt – grey
  11. Long sleeved t-shirt – mulberry
  12. Long sleeved t-shirt – pink
  13. Long sleeved t-shirt – pattern
  14. Long sleeved t-shirt – blue
  15. Corduroy skirt – black
  16. Corduroy skirt – grey
  17. Sleeveless dress – black
  18. Short sleeved dress – black
  19. Formal dress – black
  20. Blue jeans, bootcut
  21. Blue jeans, straight leg
  22. Black jeans, skinny
  23. Turquoise jeans, skinny
  24. Lightweight jacket – army green
  25. Fall jacket – black
  26. Winter jacket – black
  27. Rain jacket – black
  28. Infinity scarf – purple
  29. Jersey knit scarf – turquoise
  30. Winter accessories – hat and gloves
  31. Slip on shoes – black
  32. Boots – brown
  33. Rain boots – black

Comfort definitely trumps style for a stay-at-home mom who likes to work out while the kids are at school, so my wardrobe reflects that.  My wardrobe is casual, but so is my lifestyle, so these clothes are what works for me.  I do have one formal dress that I keep on to my Project 333 list, even though it only gets broken out once a year (if that!).  I’m not including my workout clothing, but I’ve limited those items to ten, including shoes.  I’ve packed away all of my tank tops and summer dresses (I think there are about 20 of them – eek!) for when we go away this winter on a family vacation.

It feels great to have a small wardrobe, and to not have succumbed to the pressures of back to school shopping this year, both for myself and the kids.  Stay tuned for a Project 333 post that takes a look at my kids tiny shared closet.

Have you heard of Project 333 and have you considered participating?  Please share your experiences in the comments – I love to hear how others are paring down their closets and living successfully with less!

running: a sport for minimalists


I’ve taken up running.

Such a minimalist cliche, I know.

It started out innocently enough.  My husband and I started jogging on our nightly summer walks with the kids.  The kids would sometimes run alongside the jogging stroller or alternate sitting in it.  Then we went on vacation and we ran a few times after dinner without the kids.  I discovered I hate jogging with a stroller.  Good thing the stroller is borrowed from friends and will be leaving our house next spring.

Now I’m jogging by myself a few mornings a week along the seawall while my kids are at school.  The scenery in my neighbourhood is unparalleled.  Running along the seawall and through Stanley Park gives me an opportunity to admire the majesty of the North Shore mountains and is a very scenic backdrop to my morning run.  Such a great way to clear the mental cobwebs and get some exercise in at the same time.

I’m not too concerned with gadgets and workout wear.  I just wear workout gear that I already own and use my three year old runners, and I am good to go.

What do I take with me when I run?  Not much.  As with most things, I like to adopt a minimalist approach:

  • Cell phone (yes, that 12 year old phone is still kickin’!)
  • House keys
  • Credit card or pre-loaded Starbucks card or five bucks (for post workout snack)

That’s it.  No MP3 player.  No iPhone.  No pedometer.  Certainly nothing that I would be upset if I lost or broke along the way.  I run for about 45 minutes and then I am done.  My apres run routine includes finding a healthy snack before I head back to pick my youngest son up from school.  All in all, it is a very enjoyable way to spend a morning.

Do you enjoy running as part of your exercise routine?  Do you have any particular routine or gadgets you like to use, or are you a running minimalist too?