project 333: shrinking waistline, growing closet

Confession:  I’ve been doing some shopping lately.  And the size of my wardrobe has increased.  I’ve changed my lifestyle considerably in the last few months – I’ve lost ten pounds, and I hope to lose a bunch more.  Losing extra weight is a great feeling, but looking like a frump in my clothing was not doing a whole lot for my self-esteem or motivating me to lose more weight.  So I went shopping.

And then I forgot to stop.

While I have been very good about giving away the clothing that was too big and no longer looked good on me, I will say that perhaps I did go a bit overboard in the shopping department.

Like 12 tank tops kind of overboard.


Cute tops I found at the mall. Did I mention I bought those sandals too? Double whoops.

I got so excited last month when the summer weather looked like it might make an appearance in Vancouver.  And then… here we are, walking in the rain.  I’m still wearing the same clothing that I wore last fall, and have worn my rain boots more than a couple of times this week.  The tank tops in my closet look at me forlornly every morning when I walk into my closet (okay, they don’t really but it feels like they do!).  I plan outfits in my mind around my recent purchases, and then I don’t get to wear them because the weather is such crap.  Such is life.

So I’ll be holding off on updating my Project 333 page until the summer weather ACTUALLY arrives – until then, I’ll be dreaming of all the bright colours that summer brings and looking forward to any opportunity to wear some of my cute new tank tops that are hanging in my closet.  And when I get the urge to buy anything else for my wardrobe, I’ll be reminding myself of the 12 tank tops I already own.

Has anyone else been tempted by the rainbow of colours that have been appearing in stores lately?  Or have you been on your best behaviour and staying out of stores altogether?


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