striving for zero waste: a trip to the Food Scraps Drop Spot


When I heard that Vancouver was launching a project to collect food scraps for composting, I got a little excited.  My husband had vetoed the idea of composting in our condo, as we have very little room on our outdoor deck and he was afraid it would attract pests.  I’ve been considering the Food Scraps Drop Spot as a great alternative to composting – all we would have to do would be to collect our fruit, vegetable and meat scraps for the week (or two, depending on how often we could get to the drop off) and take them to the Food Scraps Drop Spot location on Saturday mornings (they are there from 10am to 1pm).  As I’d been collecting our family’s food scraps for the past two weeks, I decided it was time for a trop to the drop off location this morning.

One of the Food Scraps Drop Spot locations is at the Gordon Neighbourhood House in the West End neighbourhood of downtown Vancouver.  Although this is a bit of a hoof on foot from our home, the weather is beautiful today and we took advantage of incorporating a family walk into our jaunt over to drop off spot.  We dropped off several pounds of food waste and it felt good to be able to divert that waste from the landfill and towards a renewable, sustainable purpose.  They do ask for a two dollar administration fee – the program is run by community volunteers, but they require a truck to pick up the food scraps drop off and take them to the location in Delta where the food scraps are converted to compost.  The Food Scraps Drop Spot program also has a location at the Vancouver Winter Farmer’s Market at Nat Bailey Stadium, which takes place every Saturday – so if you are thinking of doing some shopping at the farmer’s market in the coming weeks and you aren’t yet diverting your food waste from the landfill, consider dropping off your food scraps at the drop spot!


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