link love: not buying anything


I heard this week from one of my favourite minimalist blogs about a blogger writing exclusively about buying nothing.  And he’s local to me!  Well, sorta.  Lots of inspiration at this blog for simple living, but here’s a few of my favourite posts (so far) from Not Buying Anything:

Reducing consumption reduces harm – It’s important we take the time to consider the environmental impact of our purchases, and whether we need to make certain purchases at all.

Putting our eco-footprint on a diet – I find having goals helps challenge my thinking and behaviour.  I’m striving to reduce my carbon footprint by living a less wasteful life – some of my goals include consuming less animal products, refusing wasteful packaging, and continuing to walk and use public transit in lieu of driving and flying.

Simplicity is Freedom – Simplicity really is freeing. Give it a try, you just might like it.

Reducing food waste – I’m creating a “just-in-time” household, in an effort for our family to reduce any unnecessary food waste.  We’re pretty good about eating leftovers and using food before it goes bad, but this blog post has a few extra great ideas on how to manage food waste.

Change for a dollar – A beautiful video on how a little kindness goes a long way.

Enjoy and Happy Tuesday! ❤


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  1. I’ve been making my way through the archives of Not Buying Anything too since it was shared on Cat’s Meow. It always amazes me that just when I think I’ve seen about every minimalist/simplifying blog there is, a new one will come along that’s a real gem. And Not Buying Anything has been around for year, wonder how I missed it until now? It’s good stuff.

    • I know! I have no idea why it took so long for us to find Gregg’s blog, but it is a good one. To allude to one of your previous posts, I think fresh ideas sometimes makes for more interesting writing than some of the old “expert” veterans out there. 🙂

  2. I, too, greatly appreciate Gregg’s blog. His writing is always fresh and restorative – a great reminder to simply enjoy what I have, which is a fortune in life!! Love your blog, too. Thx! – Erin

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