project 333: colour, joy and inspiration


Lately my Project 333 wardrobe is feeling a little gloomy.  When I left my house this morning, I didn’t realize I was dressed in black from head to toe until I got out to the street. I don’t think it can be argued that we all need a little inspiration sometimes.  I love seeing small, functional wardrobes in action, and if they’re fun, fresh and colourful, all the better!  I’ve whittled my way down to a small but functional wardrobe, but I feel sometimes as though I’m stuck in a rut when it comes to clothing.  One of my goals for the year is to try to remember that when I do have the opportunity to add something different to my wardrobe that I don’t stick with the same tired old shapes and colours.

I recently came across this amazing TED talk by Jessi Arrington, a Brooklyn designer and blogger at Lucky So and So.  Jessi is a passionate second-hand clothing shopper, and after delving into Jessi’s blog a bit further, I came across this post about how she recently decluttered over 400 items from her 500 piece wardrobe.  Wow, that’s a lot of clothes!  What I found most interesting about Jessi and her blog is her apparent passion for colour – for those of us who tend to wear a lot of black (some would say too much!), Jessi’s blog is a great reminder of how wearing colour can be so uplifting.  Knowing that wearing colour can improve my mood, I think it’s worthwhile to make a concerted effort to look beyond the blacks and greys in my own wardrobe, and reach for a splash of colour occasionally.

And an update on my efforts to buy nothing this year:  I will admit to buying a few clothing items for myself and my family this past month.  I’ve been fortunate enough to sell a ton of outgrown kids clothing recently on Craigslist, and have actually decluttered nearly 700 items from my home this year (in addition to the six THOUSAND things that left last year).  The kids needed new underwear, so I bought some.  I have been putting off buying a new winter jacket for the past two winter seasons, and when I found my dream jacket (and at half price!), I scooped it.  My city does have an excellent second hand market for many things, including clothing, but sometimes the time spent looking for a very particular item second hand does weigh heavily against the process.  However, I won’t be buying a new spring wardrobe, nor will I be shopping for summer wares later this year.  I’m planning to taking some clothing items to be updated, re-fashioned and altered to my mom when I go home for a visit this summer, and alterations (rather than shopping) will be top of mind.

Re-Fashion Vancouver 2012
Speaking of Vancouver’s second hand clothing market, an amazing second hand shopping opportunity is coming to our city!  Re-Fashion Vancouver is touted as a “spring cleaning sale” with lots of nearly new, used clothing in a wide variety of sizes.  The Re-Fashion event is taking place at the Roundhouse Community Centre in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, April 21, 2012.  If you’re interested in re-selling some of your own clothing, you can contact Re-Fashion here.


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