retail me not: much ado about leaky boots


Winter  arrived a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver, and darn, did it ever get cold.  I’m not bothered by the snow, but the frigid temperatures almost did me in – last week saw the temperature dip to well below freezing, which is a real rarity in Vancouver.  And if you combine cold temperatures with having to stand outdoors for hours on end while your bundled children attempt to sled down hills of frozen grass on their snowsuit bottoms, well it makes for very cold hands and toes.  I won’t deny that I’ve been looking enviously at the winter boots of all my friends and neighbours and thinking how cozy their feet must be in their Uggs or Sorel Caribou boots, while I’ve been freezing my toes off in my rain boots.  I’d been considering buying winter boots, if only so I wasn’t frigid for all the hours spent outside with my kids.  However, winter in Vancouver is more often a rainy season than a cold, snowy season; so intially I decided to tough it out in my rainboots, and put on an extra layer of fleece socks.

And then I discovered that  my rain boots are leaking.  And that was the reason that my feet were feeling cold and damp regardless of the fact that I was wearing three pair of socks.

Leaky boots make me sad. And cold toes make me grumpy.

I was disappointed, because I was convinced that it would be years before I would have to replace my rain boots.  The gentleman who originally sold me my boots informed me that the company who made these boots were  a reputable company who made a very durable product.  So I tested a theory on customer service, and extended an email to the company explaining the situation.  To my pleasant surprise, they offered to replace my boots free of charge and apologized for any inconvenience.  As much as I am disappointed that my original rain boots did not survive the test of time, I am content with the offer to receive replacement boots and I will be seeking out one of Kamik’s local retailers to return my defunct and leaky boots for recycling.  So thank you Kamik – from the bottom of my heart and my cozy, dry toes.

I’m still trying to keep to less than 10 pair of footwear, with the plan to not replace some things as they wear out.  I’m proud to say I’m down to one pair of heels (yippee!) and everything else is shoes or boots that I wear regularly and is comfortable.


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