project 333: a new way of living


One of my goals for the year is to consciously participate in Project 333.  The main purpose of Project 333 is to have a complete wardrobe of only 33 items and to wear that wardrobe for a period of three months. You can learn more about Project 333 here

When I embarked on the process of decluttering my home at the beginning of this year, my closet, and more specifically my wardrobe, was an area that needed a lot of attention.  My closet housed over 200 pieces of clothing for myself alone and I wasn’t wearing most of them on a regular basis.  There was maternity clothing that I had no plans to ever wear again, dress pants left over from a previous career in the corporate world, and a ton of stuff I had bought on sale but never really loved enough to wear with any frequency.  The bulk of my wardrobe was filled with items that were purchased at deep, deep discounts.  Over the past year, I’ve strived to develop an immunity to marketing that includes the words “SALE!” and “75% OFF!” because I’ve come to realize that what I really liked about things that were on sale was the price more than anything else.  And when you get an item home and take the price tags off, if you don’t really love it what really was the point in buying it in the first place?  I’ve tried to replace the high of shopping the sales with a contentedness around what I already have in my closet.  I’ve got myself a list of basics that work really well with my current lifestyle (stay-at-home mother with two children) and that I feel are stylish enough for me to feel put together when I leave my home.

Here’s a short list of items that have become true staples in my cute little wardrobe:

  1. A pair of dark wash jeans
  2. A pair of black leggings
  3. A dress that can transition from summer to winter with some strategic layering
  4. A cardigan or wrap style sweater/sweatshirt
  5. A pair of black yoga pants
  6. A pair of really great boots
  7. A pair of comfortable yet stylish flats
If I throw in a couple of t-shirts (either long sleeve or short sleeve, depending on the season), I can have a really great small and functional wardrobe.  This will be my last update for my own personal Project 333, as I’ve succeeded in incorporating this challenge into my life for the long term (but I will continue to update my own Project 333 page so as to keep myself motivated in maintaining a small wardrobe).  My goal was to have a wardrobe that was no bigger than 33 items for all seasons, and although I’ve not quite succeeded, I do currently have less than 33 items in my wardrobe in rotation (including shoes) and I plan to have even less for the summer months.  I have about 10 items that are currently in storage until the warmer months reappear, but for right now I am content with the few things hanging in my closet.  I’ve discovered a love of accessorizing my outfits with jewellery I already own, as well as a handful of scarves that were spared from the decluttering I’ve done this year.

Thankfully, I’ve found it’s easier to be content with less, and to appreciate more what I already have when I’m not constantly looking for the next big sale.  Another bonus of being committed to maintaining a small wardrobe is that I’m not spending money (or time!) searching for the next elusive “perfect thing” to add to my wardrobe.  Because, as my husband likes to say, the only way to truly save money is to not spend it in the first place.


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