toss it tuesdays: unloading the Halloween haul


It’s the day after Halloween and there is a general feeling of a sugar hangover hanging over the neighbourhood.  Only a quarter of my son’s class showed up for school this morning. Who knew that one night of sugar highs would have such an effect?  As this is my son’s first year attending school full-time, I wasn’t quite prepared for the highs and lows that would surround Halloween and trick-or-treating.  I’m now faced with 6.2 lbs of Halloween candy (yes, I weighed it – I couldn’t resist!) and am thinking of ways to get it out of my house without tossing it all in the trash in one fell swoop.

A couple of ways I’ll be attacking the stash of candy:

  • I’ll be giving it to my son’s teacher for her candy drawer.  I know not all teachers like to give out rewards or treats in the form of sugar, but I know that my son’s Grade 1 teacher does occasionally give out candy as a reward for good behaviour.  Not a practice I would be endorsing for home, but I don’t mind that she does.  I offered her some candy for her candy drawer this morning, and she gratefully accepted – I’ll be dropping off a third of my kids’ Halloween loot to her later today (only the nut-free treats will be heading to school).
  • I’ll be sharing it with friends.  This is my favourite way to get things out of the house, especially things that are sugary treats and snacks.  I like to spread the love around, so I’ll be serving Halloween treats at playdates and home and taking them to friends houses, and you’ll probably even see me bringing treats to the playground in the coming weeks.  Whatever it takes to prevent ME from eating more than MY fair share of my kids’ Halloween candy.
  • I’ll be letting my kids enjoy it.  Halloween is a festive celebration that seems to come and go in such a short period of time.  I have lots of memories of Halloween from my own childhood, sorting through my pillowcase of loot with my younger brother each night after dinner, choosing our favourites first and finally being left with nothing but small taffy candies at the bottom of our bags.  I’d be remiss to not let my kids enjoy making some of their own Halloween memories.
  • I’ll be throwing it away.  All the sticky taffy-like treats are so bad for kids’ teeth, so I won’t feel guilty about throwing the occasional Tootsie Roll straight into the trash. Same goes for the Double Bubble, or anything with the words “jawbreaker” in the name.  I’m such a party pooper, I know.
How was your Halloween?  Did you go trick-or-treating, or did you have a quiet evening at home? 


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