project 333: inspiration for a fun, stylish and simple wardrobe


I think for many people it’s hard to imagine that you can have a fun, stylish and simple wardrobe, all without breaking the bank.  This past week, I discovered a great blog written by a fellow Vancouver mom who has a passion for dressing well and incorporating classic, comfortable style into her wardrobe.  I particularly love her posts about her outfits that have included thrifted, traded or found items of clothing!  How fun!  She is not afraid to shop at thrift stores and garage sales to outfit her stylish closet, or trade with friends – she even admits to finding a lot of great pieces that have been donated in her community laundry room!  I admire the fact that she is able to participate in recycling (that sounds so weird when it comes to clothes) and reusing pieces that clearly have a lot of life left in them.  So if you’re looking for some inspiration for a simple, yet stylish wardrobe, be sure to check out Simply Stylish Mom!


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