toss it tuesdays: goodbye SMAKA cheese slicer


Last week I let go of my coffee grinder.  There was nothing wrong with it, but I had acquired a Magic Bullet in weeks past and had, much to my delight, discovered that it was capable of grinding coffee beans with much less mess than my coffee grinder.  So I sent the bean grinder off to the thrift shop, where a host of other small kitchen appliances and accoutrements had gone before it in recent months past: a bread maker, an indoor grille, a coffee machine, a crockpot and a spice rack.  I’ve decided now that all superfluous appliances have left the building, it might be time to focus more energy on purging some of the rarely used kitchen utensils sitting in the two drawers we have allocated for these things in our kitchen.  One rarely (if ever) used item is our SMAKA cheese slicer from Ikea.

SMAKA, what else are you good for?

When I first moved to Vancouver, I had a roommate (who also happens to have been my oldest friend) who insisted upon us moving in together that we make a trip to Ikea to outfit our apartment.  As someone who had never lived on their own before, I knew Ikea was cheap and would fit the bill as far as getting our place furnished without spending too much money.  Unfortunately, when things are cheaply priced we tend to buy more, and often it’s things we don’t actually have much of a use for.

My SMAKA cheese slicer is evidence of this – I’m sure this gadget wasn’t more than a couple of dollars twelve years ago, but it’s still hanging around in my kitchen and has probably been used only a handful of times.  It hasn’t seen much love for a couple of reasons:  1) it can only be used to slice cheese, 2) it’s awkward to use, and 3) a knife is an equally good tool for the job.  All in all, the existence of such a tool is pretty unnecessary, but I bought it because my friend/roommate convinced me it was a must have item for our kitchen and because it was inexpensive.  Needless to say, it will be making its debut at the local thrift shop in the next couple of days.  If you need a kitchen utensil that cuts cheese and nothing else, then this could be the kitchen utensil for you.


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