traveling light: how to pack like a minimalist


At the end of next week, I’m heading off for a vacation with my kids.  My husband will be staying at home to work (which is crazy if you ask me!) and I’ll be jetting off for a two weeks vacation, during which time I expect I will be treated to many trips to the beach and home-cooked dinners prepared by someone other than myself.  I’m planning on taking a two-week digital sabbatical and will be abstaining from blogging.  I’ll probably still be checking my email periodically so as to coordinate some fabulous get-togethers with friends over the course of my vacation.  I’m looking forward to seeing friends from as far away as Europe while I’m back in my hometown.

As our departure date looms, I’ve been pondering what I’ll pack for this trip.  And as my parents are ridiculously minimalist packers (three weeks in Europe with one small rolling suitcase – um, hello!), I’m getting a ton of pressure from them to pack light for this trip.  I’ve decided to take up the challenge to go more minimal for this trip, both for myself and the kids.  I’ll be packing a total of 6 outfits for each of them, and here’s what that looks like:

  • 5 short sleeve t-shirts / polo shirts
  • 4 pair of shorts
  • 1 dress shirt
  • 2 pair of pants
  • 1 lightweight jacket or hoodie
  • 2 bathing suits and 1 uv shirt
  • 1 pair of sandals / water shoes
  • 1 pair of runners

The pants and long sleeve shirts might not get any love as am anticipating hot weather on this trip for the most part, but I am always happier to be a bit more safe than sorry.  We’ll have access to laundry facilities given that we’re staying at my parents’ house, so I won’t be surprised if we don’t actually go through all the clothing we take.

For myself, this process has been made so much easier by the fact that I am operating under a Project 333 experiment and only have 33 items to choose from.  I’ll be taking two thirds of my wardrobe with me, for a total of 22 items, including shoes.  I’m expecting to have enough to fill one small suitcase and one messenger bag for the three of us for a period of two and a half weeks.  Since we’ll be traveling by car, I’m also planning to take the kids’ scooters and helmets, as well as their PFDs in the event that they might take a boat trip or just want to wear them while they’re at the beach.  But apart from all that, we’ll be footloose and fancy free!

Are you an expert minimalist packer?  Or are you an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of traveller?


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