penny wise, pound foolish


I broke my blender yesterday.  And not on purpose.  I was trying to perfect my homemade coffee frappuccino recipe – I had been trying my hand at making them at home the day before, with mixed results, but was determined to find a way to make them simply at home on the cheap.  Well, I got my delicious frappuccino alright, but as I was trying to help the blender along in the ice chopping department, a metal piece of the blender sheared some plastic pieces right off the base of the blender!  Ack!  My gorgeous, stainless steel blender! Here I was trying to be frugal about my blended beverage consumption and I had wrecked a pretty expensive kitchen countertop appliance.  That’s what my granny would call, “penny wise and pound foolish.”

Maybe I should have been more careful about what I was wishing for.  I’m feeling a bit guilty over the blender getting wrecked as I’ve been dreaming of getting a Magic Bullet for years – so cute, so small, so SIMPLE!

looks awesome, right?

I saw them for sale at Canadian Tire just last month and longed for one, but realized it was counterintuitive to own both a Magic Bullet and a perfectly good blender.  So, I’ve been dutifully using my blender, making smoothies for myself and the kids.  But, I am now without a blender and pretty disappointed that it’s broken.  I’d gotten into the habit of making smoothies for the kids now that the weather was warming up, and was pretty jazzed that the kids were into such a healthful treat.

While I could probably get a replacement part for the blender for less than $10, the exorbitant shipping will probably make the decision pretty simple in the end.  I’m going to look into getting a Magic Bullet as a replacement for the blender.  In a funny coincidence, a friend of ours who is moving overseas in the Fall has offered us their Magic Bullet as they don’t plan to take it with them.  You know what they say: “Ask and ye shall receive.”  I’ll be ensuring the blender’s motor goes to the right place for recycling, and I’ve offered the blender pitcher to my brother who has the same identical blender as us.

Do you own a blender or do you prefer another appliance that does the same job?  Or do you prefer your margaritas on the rocks and do without a blender altogether?


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  1. Please let me know how you like the Magic Bullet. I like to make smoothies and make them in my blender; but. I have wondered about the Magic Bullet. Also, I would love the recipe for the frappuccino! Have a great weekend, Erin!

    • Okay, I got my hands on the Magic Bullet this weekend and I LOVE it! I’ve made smoothies for myself and the kids for breakfast for a couple of mornings and it’s so easy. And I love easy. I’ll have to post the frappuccino recipe later, as I haven’t yet had a chance to make one in the bullet. 🙂

      • Okay, so I still haven’t tried making it in the magic bullet but when I made the frapp in the blender (before I so unceremoniously broke it) it was as follows:

        6 ice cubes
        1 cup of very strong coffee – reserved from the coffee I make daily in the french press
        1 tbsp coffee cream (you can use milk or skim milk too!)
        flavouring of your choice – I used either 1 tbsp chocolate syrup or a shot of Starbucks flavoured syrup

        Blend until desired consistency is reached and enjoy!

  2. Thanks! When my blender breaks, I’ll look to replace it with the Magic Bullet instead of a blender. Maybe the Magic Bullet people would want to pay you to advertise for them. : )

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