2011 in 2011: tackling not-so-obvious areas of clutter


When I started decluttering my home at the beginning of this year, some things were obvious places to start.  Clothing, of course. Toys, yes.  I quickly moved on from these more obvious areas of clutter to kitchen items, bathroom products and linens.  This past week I tackled greeting cards, and decluttered 170 greeting cards and envelopes from my home. I’m still not totally sure how I managed to accumulate that many blank greeting cards, but I have a few ideas.  I know I received a large box of generic, blank cards from an aunt as a gift, and after having two babies I had purchased a couple of packages of thank you cards to send to friends and family after receiving thoughtful gifts for my children.  I kept a few of the blank thank you cards for future use.  If I were feeling some more radical minimalist tendencies during my decluttering the other day, I would have chucked everything without a look back.  I’ll revisit the small collection of cards I kept toward the end of the year.  Next, I’m off to tackle my small but unwieldy collection of gift totes.  If anyone needs a large number of wine bottle gift bags, you know where to ask.


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