when the best laid plans go awry


This week has been really hard.  My youngest started to come down with a fever on Sunday night, and proceeded to spend the next couple of days in a great deal of pain.  We ended the day on Tuesday with a fever of 104 degrees and a trip to the emergency room – our first ever in nearly six years of parenting, thank goodness!  Wednesday and Thursday were spent in a general state of exhaustion, and my son woke up this morning with the telltale signs of roseola (rash following the break of a high fever).  He’s on the mend, but as we’re expecting an action-packed weekend with a visit from the grandparents and a cousin starting today, we’re trying to jam as much rest into this afternoon as possible.  It’s hard to rest when the house has blown up due everything put on the back-burner for a week.  I’m taking the weekend off from housework, and I’m hoping I’ll be back in decluttering mode next week when everything is back to normal.  I’ve got a great story about how the kids are getting excited about letting go of some of their toys, but I’ll save that for next time.


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  1. Sorry you’ve had a bad week. I’m glad your little boy is okay. That must have been so scary! Hope next week is better! I’m showing a bit of ignorance here ~
    is English the official language there or do you speak French?

    • Thankfully, he’s doing so much better now! Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

      To answer your question, we have two official languages in Canada, but most French-speaking Canadians who speak French exclusively in their daily lives are located out East, mostly populated in Quebec or in the Maritimes. We’re on the West Coast and you’ll find mostly English here, but we do have a very diverse population with lots of people from China, India, Japan, and a host of other countries living in our city, as well as the cities surrounding Vancouver.

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