project 333: at the starting line


One of my goals for the year is to start consciously participating in Project 333.  The main purpose of Project 333 is to have a complete wardrobe with only 33 items in it and wear that wardrobe for a period of three months.  I’m hoping that once I get started, I’ll be able to have no more than 33 items in my wardrobe at any given moment.  You can learn more about Project 333 here.

In my daily life, I’m pretty minimal.  I make coffee at home instead of going to Starbucks.  I eat at home instead of eating out (most of the time, anyway).  But an area of my life that deserves some attention is clothing – specifically my own closet and that of my children.  While I quickly purged about half of the kids’ closet in an afternoon last week by donating three full bags of clothing, my own closet has been getting overhauled over a longer term.  Since I undertook a challenge to rid my home of 2011 items in 2011, I have donated over 150 items from my wardrobe.  I then decided to see if I could get the contents of my wardrobe down to a respectable number, and as I had been playing with the idea of participating in Project 333 for the past couple of months, I decided to jump right in.

So without further ado, here is a list of my current wardrobe items:

  1. Levi’s jeans
  2. Banana Republic jeans
  3. Costco leggings – black
  4. JOE leggings – grey
  5. American Apparel leggings – navy
  6. American Apparel leggings – brown
  7. Old Navy purple leggings
  8. GAP black corduroy skirt
  9. GAP grey corduroy skirt
  10. GAP denim skirt
  11. Dressy/long empire waist striped shirt – black/grey stripes
  12. JOE wrap shirt – violet
  13. Striped overshirt – grey stripes
  14. GAP hoodie – oatmeal
  15. Formal black dress
  16. GAP sleeveless casual dress – black
  17. American Eagle sleeveless casual dress – blue
  18. Casual jersey knit dress – black
  19. JOE t-shirt – purple
  20. JOE t-shirt – black
  21. JOE t-shirt – melon
  22. JOE tank top – pink
  23. JOE tank top – black
  24. JOE tank top – purple
  25. JOE tank top – turquoise
  26. American Eagle t-shirt – grey with sequins
  27. American Eagle tank top – brown with sequins
  28. American Eagle tank top – blue
  29. American Eagle tank top – grey
  30. American Eagle tank top – grey
  31. Lululemon crop pants – brown
  32. Yoga pants from Costco – black
  33. Yoga crop pants from Costco – blue

I’ve come a long way since the beginning of this year, and now recognize which items in my closet are being worn regularly (as well as those which are not).  The purpose of writing all of these items out in a list is for it to act as a reminder to me that I don’t actually need anything, and that I can probably avoid stores altogether at this point.  It’s a means of staying accountable to myself and hopefully will give me some strength if I’m having a moment of weakness.  If I do find myself in a store and poised to make an impulse purchase that I will later regret, I’ll refer to this list in hopes that it will deter me from making the purchase.

What’s not included in this list?  I have one purse.  I have one bathing suit.  I also have one drawer dedicated to socks, underwear and tights.  I considered lumping the leggings in with the undergarments, but there’s clearly too many leggings for one person on this list and it would probably benefit me to clear some of them out as they get worn out.  I also have fourteen pair of shoes, but only half of those are suitable for summer weather and I’m hoping to pare down the size of my shoe collection by the end of the summer.  I’ve got a couple of clothing items in a bag waiting to be donated, and some of the items on this list might make it there as well.  I’ve packed away a couple of sweaters and some winter weight clothing, and those items will be making a reappearance in the fall and incorporated into my list of 33 things, when I’m hoping I can pare down my wardrobe to 33 items in total for the entire year.  Given that the weather is so mild in Vancouver, I think it’s a real possibility.

Do you participate in Project 333?  If so, how far along are you in the project and how has it changed your life?


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