project 333: epic fail in the shoe department


One of my goals for the year is to start consciously participating in Project 333.  The main purpose of Project 333 is to have a complete wardrobe with only 33 items in it and wear that wardrobe for a period of three months.  I’m hoping that once I get started, I’ll be able to have no more than 33 items in my wardrobe at any given moment.  You can learn more about Project 333 here.

Living in Vancouver where the weather is mild, I find I can wear the same clothing for 10 months out of the year in the rainy/chilly season and get by with limited seasonally summer clothing for the other two months in July and August.  I’m not kidding when I say I wore my winter coat outside as recently as two weeks ago, so it’s not too much of a stretch that I won’t need anything more.  Having recently decluttered a few items from my shoe wardrobe, I thought I had probably better take stock of what I own and whether or not I can whittle my small collection of shoes down even further.  I currently have fourteen pair of footwear, and no, I don’t get a chance to wear all of them regularly.

Here’s what I’ve got right now:

  • 1 pair of ballet flats in gold bought from Fine Finds
  • 1 pair of brown Ecco hiking boots
  • 1 pair of Ugg cardi-boots knock-offs (from Old Navy)
  • 1 pair of dark blue cowgirl boots – made in Italy, these are gorgeous!
  • 1 pair of high heel black boots
  • 1 pair of Nine West Jamie high-heel gladiator-style strappy sandals – gorgeous and PINK!
  • 1 pair of CrocsPatricia” sandals – no, these are not hideous and they are super comfy too!
  • 2 pair of Havaianas, 1 each in pink and orange
  • 1 pair of Converse All-Star sneakers in black
  • 1 pair of Reebok runners (for indoor activities)
  • 1 pair of Nike runners (for outdoor activities)
  • 1 pair of Nike cross-trainers / hikers (for outdoors)
  • 1 pair of Kamik rain boots
Off the top, I’m pretty sure both pair of Havaianas and one pair of runners need to go.  I won’t be replacing most of them when I’m finished with them, and there’s a couple items I’m thinking of donating in the near future (like the Ugg-style boots and the Ecco hikers).  Anything I’m not donating in the near future will be worn until they’re worn out.
Here’s what I’d like to end up with:
  • 1 pair of dressy boots (preferably with high heels)
  • 1 pair of casual boots (need to be comfy enough for daily wear)
  • 1 pair of high heeled sandals (for dressy occasions)
  • 1 pair of flat sandals for daily wear
  • 1 pair of casual sandals comfortable enough to walk in/for daily wear
  • 1 pair of indoor runners for working out in
  • 1 pair of outdoor runners for daily wear

Looks like I need to cut my footwear collection in half, and I’m hoping to do so by Fall 2011. I’m planning on trying to wear all of the summer seasonal items as much as possible this summer, and then letting go of what I don’t plan on keeping over the winter.

How many pair of shoes do you own and how many do you wear regularly?  Have you considered decluttering your wardrobe or your shoe collection?


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  1. Right now I have nine pairs of shoes. I do wear all of them. However, in time I think I will have less. Some of them I am not ready to clear, but I won’t replace when they wear out. Also, I am slowly working toward a more simplistic wardrobe. I love all the inspiration and encouragement online for such things! I have chosen black for my base color and am planning to phase out brown, which will in time clear out a couple pairs of shoes. Interesting to see the differences in shoes when one lives in Canada vs. the southeastern US. I don’t own a pair of boots but I have three pair of flip-flops!

    • Living in Vancouver I’ve come to embrace the wet weather – hence all the boots! Still, I think what I’ve got now is overkill, but am reluctant to donate too much at once.

      Black is a staple in my closet, and I use it as the base colour for my wardrobe too. Working on posting a list of my closet contents for my own Project 333 undertaking, and there’s a lot of black in there!

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