retail me not: selling things you no longer want doesn’t have to be painful


I sold one of my most loved and functional possessions this morning.

My beloved Lululemon Apres Yoga jacket

My beloved Lululemon Apres Yoga jacket

And I’m not even sad about it.  In fact, I’m thrilled.  I sold it because I happen to have two of these jackets (the one I still own is a different colour) and this jacket wasn’t seeing enough love, so off it went to a lucky craigslist buyer.  Even luckier for me, I paid $140 for this jacket six years ago, and since the price has gone up significantly at Lululemon (they sell for $220 now, taxes in), I was able to recoup all $140 that I paid for the jacket.  Over the past couple of years buying and selling on craigslist, here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. It pays to take good care of what you own.  Since we don’t own a ton of stuff, it’s easier to take care of what we do own and keep it in good condition.  This makes selling items that are no longer wanted a lot easier.  People are more likely to buy items used if they are in great condition.
  2. It pays to buy a well-made product in a popular brand.  I’m pretty sure if I’d been trying to sell a Lulu knock-off, it would have never left my house.  If you buy well made products that you love, but that also have a loyal brand following, you’ll have an easier time selling when you’re done with them (and maybe even get more of your money back too.)
  3. It pays to forgo making the purchase altogether if you can swing it.  This, for me personally, is the most important point.  It’s the point I have to remember anytime I enter a store, really.  My wardrobe is complete for right now, and I’m not in need of anything at this point.  Sometimes I find myself being swayed by a great price tag on a well made item, but I try to recall how good it feels to look into my closet and know that there is nothing there that is unloved, unwanted or unnecessary.
So, I’m going to enjoy a little extra space in my closet and a little extra cash in my hand.  And I’m off to enjoy the beautiful sunshine before it disappears for the weekend.


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