why I sold my wedding dress


Us on our special day. Oh, and The Dress.

Eight years ago today, my husband and I were married.  It was a beautiful day, and I wore an amazing dress, one that made me feel sparkly and beautiful inside and out.  I had so much fun in my dress that day, it made me feel like a princess.  When I was first looking to buy my wedding dress, it was the first dress I tried on and even after trying others, I knew it was the right dress for me.  It was literally love at first sight.

And a few years after our wedding, I sold it.

Why would I sell something that I had loved so much and had so much enjoyed wearing on that special day?  Mostly, it was because I could never see myself wearing it again.  It was a beautiful halter style dress on top, but the bottom was 14 layers of white tulle.  While I loved wearing it on my wedding day, lots of family members and friends inadvertently stepped on one of the many layers of tulle as they tried to get close to me, and I ended up with a few tears at the bottom of the dress.  These were easily repaired with a sharp pair of scissors (it was pretty easy to trim the tulle and blend it in to the rest of the dress), but I knew there would never be another occasion in my life for me to wear such a fancy dress.  While it was stylish at the time, styles do change and I could not imagine the dress being worn by someone who was not in their twenties (or younger). The only way I ever saw myself wearing any part of the dress was to remove the halter top portion of the dress and dye it a colour other than white (I never wear white).  And I thought that to change the dress so drastically would be a waste when the dress could very easily be worn again by someone else.  Not wanting to store the dress either at my home or at my parents, I decided to sell it.

My mom located a consignment shop in my home town that specialized in re-selling bridal and formal wear and took it there to be evaluated.  They offered to sell it for us and it was gone within a couple of weeks.  It was bought by a young lady who purchased it to wear for her prom – I will admit it was kind of neat to hear about the person who bought my dress and imagine the kind of excitement she must have felt when trying it on and realizing it was to be her dress for a special occasion of her own.

In addition to not having to store my dress, I managed to recoup some of its initial cost.  My dress sold on consignment for $500, and my parents paid $600 for my dress brand new.  We took home $250 from the sale of my dress, which means my wedding dress for the day of my wedding (although priceless to me) only cost my parents $350.  In this day and age where wedding dresses can go for excessive amounts of money, I consider that a real bargain.  I’ve kept my wedding veil and the tiara I wore on my wedding day, and both have been loaned out to several brides over the last eight years.  I’ll be keeping those items as keepsakes.  As a bonus, both of them take up considerably less room than my giant, gorgeous dress.

I’ve been talking to friends about the subject of wedding dresses over the past couple of days and have asked them whether they still have their dresses.  Some friends are still holding on to them and, having had their dresses cleaned professionally and stored carefully away, declared they will never part with them.  Others have them still in their possession, but they have been aged by time, poor storage, or a rogue marker wielded by a creative toddler.  I won’t ever have to worry about what state my wedding dress is in.  It looks beautiful in my wedding photos, and nothing could ever rival how amazing my dress made me feel when I wore it.  I’m glad it went on to live another life and hope it made that prom-goer feel as special as it made me feel on my wedding day.


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